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What People Are Saying

“Bringing in Melanie Dale to speak at our church was one of the best decisions we’ve made. Not only is she humorous and engaging, but she is also honest and real. Her stories invite you into the moment. But it’s her love of Jesus that brings clarity, comfort, and hope. We have heard story after story of how her words have encouraged, inspired, and renewed. Whether you ask Melanie to speak on making friends in a scary world or how to find joy in the hardships of life, she will make your people laugh and she will give them reason to hope.”


“Melanie is a dynamic author who can take any situation and turn it into a hilarious story. She has a a way with words that is so fun and endearing, and laugh out loud funny! Melanie spoke at our annual Christmas Brunch, and from start to finish she was wonderful to work with. She was super responsive, open to ideas, enthusiastic, and her talk was humorous and filled with personal stories.  It was a great morning!”


“It was a delight to work with Melanie and have her SKYPE into our MOPS meeting. She shared her stories in an authentic, transparent manner and coupled it with her humor to deliver a message which spoke volume to our group in how we connect as women. I was impressed at how she related to the audience, even via video, and answered all of our serious relationship questions. I would recommend having Melanie speak at any gathering!”


“Melanie Dale is a very engaging speaker. She spoke to our group about ‘Momlationships’ with humor, insight, and wisdom. The young moms in our group, many who are longing for real relationships with other women, loved hearing what she had to say!”


Speaking Topics

If you’re interested in bringing me to your event, lemme know what you have in mind.  Below are some of my recent presentations, or we can dream up something else. Jazz hands are optional.


Making Real Friends in a Scary World

Have you ever felt like other women are scary? In a world filled with judgment and comparison, we can struggle with insecurity and feel overwhelmed and lonely. We’re better together. We make each other better moms, better humans. We need each other, because mothering is so darn hard. Finding mom friends can feel like dating, and just like the other kind of dating, there are bases. Let’s talk about going around the “Bases of Momlationship” and how we can develop authentic relationships with the women in our lives.


My Mix Tape: Make Your Faith, Life and Passion Work Together

You see the world around you and a whole bunch of people who need help, but you’re crazy overwhelmed and feel tiny. How do you squish your regular life, your blog, and your passion for people in to one kerfloofy life? Let’s talk about how to engage your readers and invite your family into opportunities to love others, from your neighborhood to the big wide world. You can dump all of yourself onto one awesome mix tape, the soundtrack to a life fully lived.


Mobilizing Moms: Out of the Minivan and Into the World

Learn fun, practical ideas to develop a group of moms in your community, utilize your strengths and gifts, transform regular life stuff into opportunities to care for orphaned and vulnerable children, and involve the whole family in serving together.


Learning to Love the Life You Didn’t Choose

When parenting is different than you thought it’d be, when your job or marriage or family isn’t what you thought you’d have, when you saw your life going one way, and it goes a completely different direction, how do you deal with that? How can we learn to love the lives we didn’t choose? We’ll talk about how to cope, what helps and what doesn’t, and where God is in all of it. There’s no fluffy bow or shiny bumper sticker, but we can learn to love our lives, right where we are.

Speaking Samples

Recent message from Crossroads Church

Panelist on MomsEveryday TV Show

I love meeting people in person!

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  • Catherine

    Hey Melanie, I didn’t see you on the list of speakers for the CAFO conference… also I thought I saw different dates…am I seeing things–again?

    • Melanie Dale

      Whoops, fixing dates now, thanks!

  • Catherine

    Hey again! I found you on the CAFO site but I had to use the search field…maybe I’ll see you there. I love the idea of a support group…

    • Melanie Dale

      Would love to see you there, Catherine! Especially if I get the dates right! :/

  • DA Schuhow

    EEEK! I got your book today!

    • Melanie Dale

      Thank you!!!

  • Sandy

    Hi Melanie. I am just finishing your book and I want to hand it out to all of the could be friends I encounter. I love it and I feel like if I could share it with every woman I meet it would make the world a better place. A version of this should be required reading for girls in middle school also! Thanks for a great read!

    • Melanie Dale

      Thanks, Sandy! Ooh, yes, as a mom of a fifth-grade girl, I can definitely see that. Hmm…

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